Hilde Bastiaens

Institution: Antwerp University
Course: Research Methods in Global Health I

Professor dr. Hilde Bastiaens is a researcher and teacher in the department of Primary and Interdisciplinary care and president of the University Centre of Qualitative Health Research Antwerp. She has a number of areas of research interest that, among others, include the following: (prevention of) chronic conditions, empowerment and self-management, natural environment and (mental) health. On the methodological level, her interest and expertise lies mainly in qualitative and implementation research. In the past, she implemented a chronic care program in the Belgian context and participated in a European project on involving older patients in their care. Currently, she is the Project Coordinator for the SPICES project and coordinates a project within a VLIR-UOS program (Flemish University Council), on the improvement of chronic care in a rural area (Limpopo) in South Africa. She supervised many Master theses and is currently promotor of 5 international PhD theses. Besides being an academic, she is works as a general practitioner and as a clinician providing preventive services for young children.

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