Can I apply for this master with a bachelor degree?

No, the Master in Global Health is an advanced master and is open to:

  • Holders of an appropriate Belgian master degree (ManaBa)
  • Holders of a foreign university master degree or higher education master diploma

Can I be excepted from the language requirements?

The applicant must be proficient in the language of the course, i.e. English. Command of the English language is an important criterion for admission. With the exception of those who have a diploma (Secondary Education, Academic Bachelor Degree, Master Degree) issued by an institution officially recognized by the Flemish Government, applicants must be able to prove their proficiency in English.

Solely student who have successfully completed a minimum of 1 year or 60 credits (can be obtained over several academic years), be it secondary or higher education, where the medium of instruction was English (an official certificate must be submitted) can be excepted too (only applicable for the countries that ratified the Lisbon Recognition Convention, countries from the European Higher Education Area or the United States).

Are there any scholarships available for this master?

An overview of funding possibilities and/or scholarship programmes:

  • Master Mind scholarships: The Flemish government awards scholarships to outstanding students from around the world (GPA≥3.5).  

Your own government may also offer scholarships for study and/or research abroad. Contact the appropriate authorities in your country.

There are many external websites offering a helping hand during your scholarship search:

When do I need to pay the tution fee?

Students will receive the invoice for the tuition fee when they enrol at the central administration in Ghent. The tution fee needs to be paid one month after receiving the invoice.

Students who want more information about paying the tution fee by instalment, can contact studentenfacturen@ugent.be

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