Learning outcomes

Students acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to face the complexity of Global Health problems, and to formulate holistic, transnational, interdisciplinary solutions, taking into account a multitude of actors. After successfully completing the Master of Science in Global Health, a student will have acquired the following competences:

  • Having an advanced understanding into the theory, analysis and decision-making in Global Health.
  • Making critical and creative use of the international research and policy on Global Health in analysing complex challenges in the field of Global Health.
  • Applying analytical and methodological skills in a holistic manner in the study of diverse and transnational Global Health challenges.
  • Designing, planning and executing a Global Health research project independently in a national or international multidisciplinary setting.
  • Critically evaluating various stances towards complex transnational and interdependent Global Health challenges and developing a personal opinion.
  • Independently and critically reflecting on their personal role and that of others in a Global Health context.
  • Applying insights from different interrelated disciplines to Global Health challenges.
  • Having a long-term vision, which aims to eliminate avoidable morbidity and mortality and promoting well-being, social equity and justice on a global scale.
  • Taking up a catalytic role in promoting a transnational and interdisciplinary approach to Global Health challenges in countries at all stages of development.
  • Obtaining the knowledge, skills and attitude to continue to evolve professionally through self-directed learning.
  • Communicating effectively and efficiently, both orally and in writing, on Global Health research and solutions with scientists from different disciplines and other stakeholders (including policymakers and interest groups).
  • Collaborating and taking on leadership in a multidisciplinary environment with a variety of actors from diverse cultural and social backgrounds.
  • Integrating social implications of new developments in the complex Global Health context into scientific, policy and practical work.
  • Integrating ethical, normative and cultural aspects of Global Health into scientific, policy and practical work.

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