The enrollment

The selection procedure consists of two independent parts — administrative and background/motivation — each with specific deadlines and evaluated by different people.

Motivational application

This procedure assesses the applicant’s interest in and basic knowledge of the field of global health. This is assessed through a personal motivation letter and an interview.

The personal motivation letter should include:

  1. a critical reflection on the contribution of the candidate’s field (his/her Master’s degree, work experience) to the field of global health, including an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses regarding the candidate’s position in global health studies (max. 800 words);
  2. the candidate’s motivation and expectations regarding the course (max. 400 words).

The responses will be independently evaluated by two people, and we will ensure that evaluators are familiar with the candidate’s country of residence and discipline. After the evaluation of the personal motivation letter, shortlisted students will be invited for a video interview.

Motivational applications will be evaluated three times per year and prospective students are free to choose when to apply:

  • Before 1 MARCH
  • Before 1 JUNE
  • Before 1 SEPTEMBER

The interview will take place approximately two weeks after the deadline. Candidates will be informed of the outcome approximately one month after the deadline.

There is a limited number of places available and they will start to be assigned in March.

We will only evaluate motivational applications of students who have submitted their administrative application.

For more information, please contact us.

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Administrative application

To qualify for the Master’s programme, students must have a Master’s degree or equivalent that complies with the minimum diploma requirements (verified by the UGent admissions service) and proof of English language proficiency.


Registration opens on 1 October. Deadlines are dependent on the applicant’s nationality.

The application comprises different steps. The deadlines below apply to finalizing all steps. It is, therefore, not sufficient to start the online application right before te deadline. 

Type of student Start online application Submit application package
Students who need a visa October – February Before 1 MARCH
Students who don’t need a visa October – May Before 1 JUNE
Benelux students October – 15 August Before 1 SEPTEMBER
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