Heidi Mertes

Institution: Ghent University
Course: Global Health Governance and Leadership

Heidi Mertes is an associate professor in Medical Ethics at Ghent University and one of the founding members of both the METAMEDICA consortium and of the Bioethics Institute Ghent. Her academic research focusses on the ethical implications of innovations in healthcare, with a particular focus on reproductive medicine, genetics, embryonic stem cell research and more specifically ethical challenges at the intersection of these different domains. She has, for example, published articles on the ethical issues related to so-called social egg freezing, embryo research, stem cell derived gametes, genetic parenthood, genome editing, genetic screening of embryos, etc. As the principle investigator of the ERC-funded project DIME, she is currently focusing on the impact of disruptive innovation in healthcare on medical ethics and on shifting responsibilities in healthcare. Heidi teaches courses at Ghent University in bioethics, medical ethics, moral philosophy and global health ethics.

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