André-Jacques Neusy 2

The Master in Global Health at Ghent University offers opportunities to professionals with health and non-health background to skill up and make a positive societal contribution by bringing their newly acquired expertise to international development organizations, government agencies, humanitarian institutions, policy think tank, non-for-profit organization like ours (THEnet) and others. I can’t think of a better way to muster necessary skills needed if you are interested in a career that addresses a broad range of global and local issues affecting health and well-being worldwide. This is an ideal education program for professionals interested to be socially responsive global citizens and acquire the skills that can address some of the world’s most pressing problems.

Tom De Gendt

An important part of the care sector transcends national rules: robotic surgery on distance, pharmaceutical industry, tele-medicine, medical tourism, horizontal and vertical care networks, care in various cultures, patient-safety, … In a sector where evidence based working is the norm, the exchange of know-how is of great importance. Furthermore, the care sector is located between extremes: top-down government control and financing vs. bottom-up private initiatives, supply-driven care vs. demand-driven care, … Hence, the knowledge and insights of the Master’s program in Global Health are crucial in order to meet these challenges in the care sector.

André-Jacques Neusy

The world is experiencing unprecedented scientific , economic and technological revolutions. It is interconnected like never before. Yet, the benefits of these progresses have not been shared equally among people and this has created major health disparities and inequities both in rich and poor countries alike. Inter-sectoral strategies and actions are required to improve population health worldwide, particularly the underserved marginalized groups . A Master in Global Health provides the expertise needed to drive changes necessary to positively impact communities whether within or across borders.

Sander Spanoghe

The greatest added value of this Master in Global Health lies in the potential of the graduates to mobilize greater awareness and generate activism among the most diverse actors, about the need to finally fully apply the first two components of universal health coverage: health promotion and disease prevention. The multi-sectorial and multidisciplinary character of both the intake and the programme itself will ultimately produce a profile of action-oriented researchers — researchers who will inevitably demonstrate that the greatest health gains of the future must also be sought outside the actual health sector. They will be recruited by different government departments and various multilateral institutions, but certainly also by private companies, to help realize that collective commitment to health promotion of citizens and consumers.

Marleen Temmerman

Global health is about global evidence based principles translated into local policies and practices. It is about partnerships and task-sharing to promote health and provide optimal care to all. Global Health graduates deliver towards these goals as they are well trained to collaborate between disciplines, across cultures and beyond borders.

Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli

Postgraduate training was an important milestone in my career, in my life. It helped me realize the value of the eight years of practical experience I had done after completing my medical degree. It enabled me to see the world with new eyes. It taught me a whole set of information gathering, analytic and writing skills. It provided me a stamp of recognition that enabled me to join the World Health Organization’s team in 1993, at the age of 35. Finally and most importantly, it gave me to the confidence to take on the world.


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